About the Johnson Group

Three things that radically separate the Johnson Group from other real estate professionals.

  • Our Website is Easy to Navigate which compels people to register
  • We are a Gorilla Marketing and Advertising Powerhouse in Northern Virginia
  • We Offer Phenomenal Pricing on Listing Services

Navigating NorthernVARealEstateMLS.com

NorthernVARealEstateMLS.com is so intuitive and easy to navigate that site visitors become engaged which in turn compels them to register for more information. We keep the layout simple; breakdown our local real estate market by county, city and community.

A Powerhouse in Our Local Market

We have custom built a Gorilla Marketing and Advertising System that simply brings buyers and sellers together.  

Northern VA Real Estate MLS does an amazing job of bring buyers and sellers together. We use a combination of Internet advertising, hard mailers and phone call follow-ups.

Our Pricing Model on Listing Services